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Gil Garcia Designed the Poster Below


Scott Lewis Designed the Poster Below

lewis poster

Grab bags are coming together, and already we have gathered Shirts, CDs and Roller Derby Tickets for the Raffle!

Among the other loot, every grab bag will contain this button as pictured below!


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Johnny Briggs Annual Memorial BBQ, Rock Show and Benefit

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updated September 5, 2007

Westword wrote up the show in this week's issue. Read it here.

updated August 27, 2007

For the grab bags I'm trying to encourage people to either re-copy old flyers from back in the day, or bring those old extra copies you have stashed in your closets...

It would be great to see some flyers from Johnny's bands, but even just from the era when he was playing around town. There are millions of handbills and flyers from back then, and you know Johnny was at a lot of those shows...so whether you were in one of the bands, or if you have a flyer you could go make copies of...you can help!

How about it?

If you have something you'd like to contribute, meet me at the Lion's Lair at 9:30 on Thursday, September 6th and hand'm over! I'll be there for the Malfleur show and to collect donations for the JB Memorial show...

Iif you can bring 10, 20, 50, 75, whatever, I'll take it!

If you can't make it to the lair, email me at metalissa@earthlink.net and I'll give you a mailing address...another option is to give them to somebody in one of the bands on the bill who knows they'll be seeing me...

Let's stir up some memories of all those nights you either forgot or will never forget!!

Oh, and if your band is playing soon and you want to put your current flyer in the bags, please bring at least 50 handbills!

updated August 26, 2007

Westword recently contacted us in response to the press release about the show. Check out the Night & Day section of Westword next week to see what Kity Ironton has to say about the buzz surrounding the Johnny Briggs Memorial of 2007. Once the story breaks, you'll be able to check this website for a link to it on the Westword website....

updated August 17, 2007

Apparently there is cause to update this site every ten minutes lately! The biggest news yet...Hell's Half Acre (or as Mark Wells put it..Hell's 3/4 Acre)...plans to play a short set at the show! Mark Wells, Bryan Wendzel and Dan Berger are teaming up with childhood friend (throughout Johnny's life, actually) Joe Clark, who will stand in for Johnny. The crowning jewel of Joe's involvement is that he inherited one of Johnny's prized guitars, and plans to play it for this ONE TIME ONLY reunion.

Scott Lewis printed up large format posters of his design (see left column)...and he'll be bringing lots of them to the show...so don't forget to grab one! Thanks Scott!

Susan Owen volunteered to sell raffle tickets! Thanks Sooz.

I could use a few more hands, so if you can help...email me!

The latest donation we've secured for the raffle drawing (check out the custom raffle ticket above), is a pair of Roller Derby tickets!! Jen She/Who made this happen for us, and will also be adding some loot to the grab bags. I just hope the bags are big enough for all the stuff we're accumulating! Don't let that stop YOU from contacting us and getting your donation in the bags or the raffle....

Oh, and one last thing...you'd have to be the cheapest lousy punk to bypass the chance to get your hands on one of the grab bags. If you do the math, you're paying $3 for it. Its got a CD in it, among other things, and CDs cost more than $3. Get it?! So, anyhow, add to that the stickers, buttons, the $1 value raffle ticket...and well, SEE?

raffle ticket

updated August 15, 2007

Amazing new addition to the bill!! I just got off the phone with Joe from Sinstra Vessel. Joe grew up with Johnny, and has inherited one of his old guitars. Sinstra Vessel (including Jason Smith and Jason Ayers)....has accepted the invitation to open this show. Also added to the bill is Unloader (Tom Mick's band). That makes 7 outstanding bands on this bill along with all of the amazing prizes (seriously) we're gathering.

Karen Cuda offered up lots of Nashville Pussy gear, and some Hemi Cuda discs to boot. Graham Hayworth of The Railbenders will also contribute some swag for the Raffle. Mark Wells reported today that he is in production on the Hell's Half Acre CDs of their unreleased songs from their last recording session with JD Pinkus.

There are rumors that one or more of the bands will be playing Hell's Half Acre covers....I can hardly stand to keep the biggest secret of all, but I will!! If I'm given permission to tell, I'll write an update, but know that there is a MAJOR reason to show up if you were a Hell's Half Acre fan...

The buttons turned out great...there are 2 kinds. One is like the one pictured to the left, and one is an illustration of a Lion playing slide guitar with a beer bottle, a la Johnny Briggs...The illustration is by none other than Johnny Briggs.

I still need volunteers. I need a haircut manager, a raffle ticket seller, and a grab bag manager! PLEASE HELP!!

This show is gaining momentum as the date nears, and you're all SO GREAT for contributing ideas, stuff, and TALENT!!

updated August 13, 2007

The Press Release is ready for action! See the press release here!

Thanks to Los Terribles, Black Smiths, 15th Street Tavern (RIP), Hell's Half Acre, Nashville Pussy, Hemi Cuda and Derailed...for promising STUFF! The Raffle Prizes are being gathered so contact metalissa@earthlink.net if you'd like to mail your contributions, or if you can drop them off at the Lion's Lair on September 6th (Thursday) after 9pm...Melissa will be there to see Malfleur and to collect donations.

So far we've secured lots of stickers, handbills for the show (featuring artwork from LT and Derailed), and Melissa is providing buttons as pictured to the left for the grab bags, along with the Previously Unreleased Hell's Half Acre CD provided by Mark Wells. The cost of these bags is an add on of $3 to your door charge of $7. They'll also contain a raffle ticket worth $1 and good for a spot in the drawing!

Raffle tickets will sell for $1, and our generous MC Rich Groskopf will be in charge of doling out the prizes between bands...from 3pm throughout the day. You must be present to claim your prizes!!

We are seeking a few additional volunteers the day of the show to handle the grab bag distribution at the door, to sell raffle tickets, and to make the head-shaving/haircuts go smoothly between bands.

updated June 15, 2007

The date has been set. For all you out-of-towners, go get your plane tickets now!

Saturday, September 8th the triumphant return and last stand of Denver's beloved Los Terribles and Derailed !

The boys from LT will ascend upon Denver for one last performance to honor the memory of our dearly departed Johnny Briggs! Derialed will reform in tribute to their former bandmate as well!

Date: September 8, 2007 (Saturday)
Location: Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO

$10 cover charge gets you in the door + a CD of Hell's Half Acre's unreleased songs, along with a bag of other awesome stuff from bands and businesses we all love.

$7 cover charge gets you in the door with no CD, no raffle ticket, and no bag of stuff.

The line-up includes TWO one-time only reformed bands from Denver's past...

-- Los Terribles
-- Buzzard (including former members of Mudstack, Hell's Half Acre, Crimson Haybailer, etc)
-- Derailed (JB's last band)
-- Amputators (including former members of Derailed, Fatwater, Evil Hick, etc)
-- Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders (including former member of Hell's Half Acre, Mudstack, Crimson Haybailer)

We are excited to announce that with the $10 cover charge, everyone gets a GRAB BAG (who doesn't love a grab bag?!). The bag will contain a CD that Mark Wells is putting together with Hell's Half Acre unreleased songs!!! He is raising money to complete these for the show, so I will be putting a donation buttton on this website in the near future so you can help him get these done (a way for you to contribute to the memorial!).

The other stuff in the grab bag is being collected now. So if you are a band, a business or an individual that wants to supply something for the grab bags, please contact melissafouch@yahoo.com as soon as possible to make arrangements. Ideas: stickers, CDs, coupons, magnets, pens, or whatever other good stuff you have...use this as a way to promote your stuff as you make this benefit that much better!

If you'd like to make a more significant donation in the form of a gift certificate, larger merchandise such as T-shirts (even one band T-shirt is a good prize!), or other prizes that represent you, your band or your business, we'll be happy to include a link to your website on this website, we'll be sure to announce your contribution during a raffle, where the prizes will be awarded.

The raffle will work like this: Each grab bag includes one raffle ticket, so you get one when you pay your cover charge. After that, they'll be available for $1/ticket. So if you donate $5, you get 5 tickets....a pretty good chance to win something cool in a crowd this size. We will also reward large donations with "Grand Prizes" -- see below for more information on donating your hair if you cut it off at the show!!

The show will also be a fund raiser for The Max Fund (a no-kill animal shelter), and if $500 is raised at the door (that's only 50 people!), Russ Fahnestock will shave his head on stage and donate the hair to Wigs for Kids. Additional hair donations will be encouraged and welcome, as we will have a professional hair stylist on hand to cut and deliver the hair as required by Wigs for Kids.

Just think...we're helping save animals and we're making better the lives of little metallers who need our hair!

That's five bands on the line-up. Posters are in production.

This will be a debut show for Steamboat Springs heaviest band Amputators. Los Terribles and Derailed will both reform in honor of Johnny for this show, and Buzzard and LBRO speak for themselves!

Pass the word about the dates for this show, and if you live far away, start shopping for plane tickets ASAP.

This Memorial should not be missed. The line-up promises to shred, and thanks to everyone involved, these shows get better every year.

Check out this flyer from the past:

Good luck to The Tavern!!