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Grab bags are coming together, and already we have gathered Shirts, CDs and Roller Derby Tickets for the Raffle!

Among the other loot, every grab bag will contain this button as pictured below!


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Johnny Briggs Annual Memorial BBQ, Rock Show and Benefit


check out the raffle tickets for sale the day of the show for $1 per ticket...

We are seeking a few additional volunteers the day of the show to make the head-shaving/haircuts go smoothly between bands. Also, we could use a few people who are just willing to help with whatever comes up. We have 8 bands, a raffle and head-shaving going on over the course of many hours. If you can help, email me!!

If you are a band, a business or an individual that wants to supply something for the grab bags, please contact melissafouch@yahoo.com as soon as possible to make arrangements. Ideas: stickers, CDs, coupons, magnets, pens, or whatever other good stuff you have...use this as a way to promote your stuff as you make this benefit that much better!

If you'd like to make a more significant donation in the form of a gift certificate, larger merchandise such as T-shirts (even one band T-shirt is a good prize!), or other prizes that represent you, your band or your business, we'll be happy to include a link to your website on this website, we'll be sure to announce your contribution during a raffle, where the prizes will be awarded.

The day of the show we will encourage you to donate your hair to Wigs for Kids. Hair must be 12+ inches -- and it must be CLEAN!!

This show is a fundraiser for The Max Fund of Denver, a no-kill animal shelter! We chose this shelter because Johnny was an animal-lover and we believe this honors his memory.

The hair donations to Wigs for Kids originated from Russ Fahnestock (of Derailed), who has volunteered to cut and donate his hair once $500 has been raised at the door!

The expense of running this website and putting on this event is also a worthy cause to which you can contribute! Please click below and help Melissa cover the costs! Note: you can make a donation of any size using the button below..