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Gil Garcia Designed the Poster Below


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Grab bags are coming together, and already we have gathered Shirts, CDs and Roller Derby Tickets for the Raffle!

Among the other loot, every grab bag will contain this button as pictured below!


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Johnny Briggs Annual Memorial BBQ, Rock Show and Benefit

the bands on the bill (stage banner design by "signtist" courtney sexton -- THANKS MAN!!)

Hell's Half Acre -- Yes. Its true.
Derailed -- Derailed was the last band Johnny played in. They dis-banded over a year ago, and decided to re-form, following the lead of Los Terribles, exclusively for this year's event!
los Los Terribles  -- Reforming exclusively for the Johnny Briggs Memorial weekend...The band members are flying in from coast-to-coast to rock denver one last time in honor of Johnny! Gil Garcia of LT plays a major role in concieving of this event.
Buzzard -- Mark Wells, drummer for Buzzard, played in Hell's Half Acre with Johnny for many years. He contributes to the planning and execution of this event.
LBRO -- Bryan Wendzel plays bass for LBRO, and played side by side with Johnny in Hell's Half Acre.
Amputators -- Pete Owen was the original drummer for Derailed and now backs this heavy band from Steamboat Springs.

(awaiting photo)

Sinstra Vessel -- Joe grew up with Johnny and played music with him. He inherited one of Johnny's guitars.