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The Artwork *NEW!!*

Gil Garcia Designed the Poster Below


Scott Lewis Designed the Poster Below

lewis poster

Grab bags are coming together, and already we have gathered Shirts, CDs and Roller Derby Tickets for the Raffle!

Among the other loot, every grab bag will contain this button as pictured below!


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the artwork

Many thanks to Scott Lewis, Gil Garcia and Courtney Sexton for the designs you see below. Scott will bringing large poster prints of the blue and the red posters to be given away during the raffle. These are large format, heavy stock prints suitable for framing! Courtney Sexton can't make it this year to the Event, as he lives in SF where he works at a sign shop and plays in Extra Action Marching Band. He designed and provided a banner to be displayed behind the stage at the show. The band names are on a removable panel so that we'll be able to use the banner in subsequent years. Thanks guys!! If you have designed anything that should be included here, please email it to metalissa@earthlink.net . Be sure to tell me who you are so I can give you proper props!!

derailed poster l los terribles poster l stage banner l amputators poster l raffle ticket


scott lewis of derailed poster design:

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gil garcia of los terribles poster design:

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courtney sexton "signtist" stage banner design:

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metalissa poster design (for amputators):

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the raffle ticket:

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